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By planning your onboarding process from A to Z, you can keep employees productive and satisfied. Take proactive steps to incorporate cultural fit into your HRMS onboarding process. By doing so, you can determine if your candidate’s attitude, work ethic and workplace values align with your company.


Keeping track of records can be hectic. The timekeeping solution from zenHR adds the functionality that you need to automate this mundane task. You can now get precise attendance reports, in less time, less cost, and with more accuracy.

Employee Directory

ZenHR employee directory will help you search for any employee in your company. It allows you to browse through the organizational structure as well as identify the roles of each person in your organization.

Company Calendar

You can use ZenHR’s calendar to plan and mark upcoming events such as public holidays and other important dates such as company-wide meetings and conferences. In addition, you can have the event address certain employees.


ZenHr allows you to sync external information specific to the employees such as payroll, vacation days and attendance. ZenHr’s payroll feature includes automated salary calculations, salary history, and localizations for both taxes and social security. In addition, it provides financial, tax, and social security reports.

Easy Company Setup

With our user-friendly settings page, you can easily complete your own company setup and benefits administration and begin to use ZenHR in no time.

Employee Self Services

With the employee self-service model, employees can now easily access and retrieve information related to their payroll records, health insurance, and vacation days. ZenHr gives employees the flexibility to take care of HR related tasks that would have previously been managed by your HR personnel. With this feature, employees can view their own information and they can even submit requests for taking days off. This system is an instrumental timesaver!

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