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Get expert answers on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on ZenHR.

Here are the answers to some common questions that our customers ask before they start using ZenHR:

ZenHR is suited for all companies operating in the MENA region looking to automate their internal HR processes. ZenHR works best for companies from 30 up to 2,500 full-time employees.

There are several advantages to a cloud-based solution, some of which are:

  1. Cost efficiency: We can provide ZenHR at a better price to you because unlike a hosted system, deploying, scaling, and maintaining cloud infrastructure is more economic than doing so for servers hosted locally.

  2. Security and uptime: We deal with top-notch platform providers that adhere to very strict security policies and commit to a Service Level Agreement which guarantees 24/7/365 and 99.99% availability.

  3. Catastrophe recovery: Our cloud infrastructure is much more reliable and consistent than in-house IT infrastructures. Your organization can benefit from a massive pool of redundant IT resources, as well as a quick failover mechanism – if a server fails, hosted applications and services can easily be transited to any of the available servers.

  4. Touchless/Paperless experience: Due to Covid-19 and the new reality we live in, utilizing tools that allow you to onboard your employees remotely is priceless. With ZenHR, you can onboard, train, update, operate, and support the platform remotely making sure you and your loved ones are safe and out of harm’s way.

  5. More frequent updates: Utilizing a cloud infrastructure allows us to add new features and refine existing ones with minimum disturbance to your daily operations and at more frequent intervals.

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Yes. ZenHR is a cloud-based solution, and both the web and mobile versions can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Yes. The localization of ZenHR is on a per-country basis and is localized for all countries in the GCC and Levant region.

Yes. ZenHR is fully localized in English and Arabic.

Yes. ZenHR's Employee Self-Service (ESS) Mobile App gives your employees and HR admins immediate access to perform HR-related tasks and submit requests on the go.

Yes. Upon signing up, one of our representatives will contact you to set up your account and guide you through the different modules.

ZenHR has a fast-track implementation process that typically takes from 2 to 6 calendar weeks. This depends on the modules purchased, customization required, and the number of employees being onboarded.

Yes. ZenHR has open APIs that allow you to natively integrate with any other cloud solution.

No. ZenHR only natively integrates with other cloud solutions. In the case of locally hosted solutions, the only option is a manual integration, this means that you would download an excel sheet from ZenHR with a specific format and this excel sheet is in turn uploaded to the hosted solution in order to transfer the data.

We have a comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our live support hours are from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Saturday through Thursday (GMT +2 Time Zone). We also offer one-on-one assistance with implementation and training. To guarantee a timely response, all support tickets should be generated from ZenHR or sent to [email protected].

Yes. We never store passwords in plain text; they are all hashed and encrypted. Any data transmission between our users and our servers is encrypted as well, so no third party can take a peek at the data as it travels back and forth. Our cloud servers are hosted in state-of-the-art data centers and adhere to strict security policies, which include digital and physical access.

ZenHR offers an annual, subscription-based model. Prices start at $8 per user per month and are billed annually. Our rates also include bulk discounts based on the number of full-time employees – Request a price quote now 

Yes. Customers with ≥ 100 full-time employees are charged a one-time fee for implementation and training; otherwise, this will be done free.


If you feel like you need help going through ZenHR’s HRMS, you can schedule a live demo with one of our representatives at a time that best suits you – Request a demo now

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