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ZenHR is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that is specifically designed to serve everyone from SME to Enterprise customers in the MENA market. ZenHR is completely localized to the MENA market, including all labor laws, expat regulations, and social security & tax laws.

ZenHR helps HR departments and employees reach a state of Zen by offering state of the art cloud-based HR software solutions that provide value across all stages of HR from the 'Acquire' stage to the 'Retire' stage.

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ZenHR is an award-winning HR Software solution and has been recognized by a number of world-class online portals in its category. Join companies in Saudi Arabia, MENA, and the GCC that rely on ZenHR daily to automate their HR.


ZenHR's HRMS is completely localized reflecting all local labor laws and regulations in MENA including but not limited to tax laws, Social Security, WPS, and GOSI. This provides you with the flexibility that you need to manage payroll in an automated way while ensuring compliance with your local HR-related laws and regulations.

ZenHR employs a bilingual (English and Arabic) user interface, as well as a bilingual mobile app, which aims to enhance the user experience of your employees and improve engagement in their teams.

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ZenHR is part of a complete HR value chain and it integrates with

Cavall is a cloud-based global Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Career Connect is a cloud-based recruitment management software solution.

Testello is a UK cloud-based pre and post-employment testing solutions provider.

Thus tackling the full HR value chain from “Acquire” to “Retire”.


To become the leading HR software solutions company, offering word class HR software services in the MENA region


To become an integral part of the HR process, facilitating it from "Acquire" to "Retire" through our cycle of cloud-based HR software solutions.


Amman - Jordan (Headquarter)
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Riyadh - Saudi Arabia

Number of Employees

65 Employee

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Working Hours

Sunday - Thursday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Weekend: Friday and Saturday

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Meet Part of the Team

Yousef Shamoun

Co-Founder - CEO

Keeping everyone in the boat and rowing together.

Mohammad Tillawy

VP of Engineering

Building the next chapter of ZenHR and realizing product vision through excellence in technical execution.

Ashraf Mraybeh

Country Manager

Implementing effective sales strategies and managing sales teams to achieve profitability.

Rawa Kahwaji

HR Head

Ensuring the smooth and profitable operation of ZenHR's human resources department.

Mais Gousous

Head of Marketing & Communications

Managing a cost-effective, multi-channel content marketing strategy to grow the brand equity of ZenHR while collaborating effectively with sales and product on all branding-related activities.

Jumana Shaheen

Regional HR & Culture Specialist

Setting HR and administrative policies in ZenHR’s country offices and ensuring they are effective, fair and transparent.

Rana Qubain

Head of Performance Marketing & Social Media

Fully optimize complex paid and organic lead generation activities through experimentation across marketing channels to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow ZenHR.

Sami Dababneh

Sr. Customer Success Manager

Driving continuous improvement in the customer experience by acting as their trusted partner with our post-sale customers.

Laith Abu Abdu

Business Partner

Driving sales activities for our software products within KSA to aggressively expand our customer base and generate new revenue.

Farah Saheb

Head of Design & UI

Leading all design activities, and creating user-friendly interfaces for web and mobile within ZenHR’s technical framework.

Nedal Zakaria

Product Manager

Driving the evolution of a single-product to a one-stop HR platform covering the needs of HR from “Acquire” to “Retire”.

Laila Bustani

Regional Financial Controller

Overseeing all functions of ZenHR's finance and accounting department.

Abdallah Shadid

Product Manager

Setting the strategy, roadmap, and feature list for our product lines.

Khaled Nimri

Head of Quality Department]

The guardian of the product and gatekeeper for all the product releases.

Hassan Anabosi

Head of Support

Build, optimize and scale effective customer support operations across all products.

Our Core Values

Challenge the Status Quo and Rock the Boat

Continuously Learn and Apply

Dream Big

Embrace and Drive Change


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