Employee Self-Service (ESS)

With ZenHR's employee self-service module (ESS), your employees will have the flexibility to perform many tasks and actions that usually consume a great deal of the HR department's time and bandwidth. They are also granted access to all their HR-related information, such as vacation balances and salary slips.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Employee Profile

Employee Dashboard

ZenHR's employee dashboard allows employees to view their information on an appealing, user-friendly interface with real-time updates.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Employee Dashboard

Events & Company-Wide Calendar

ZenHR's company-wide calendar can be used to plan and mark upcoming events such as public holidays, company-wide meetings and events, or any other important dates.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Events & Company-Wide Calendar

Who's Off

ZenHR’s dashboard allows employees to view which of their colleagues are taking the day or time off within the upcoming few months. ZenHR’s “Who’s Off” feature gives admins, managers, and employees more visibility, functionality, and control over staff leaves and absences. Admins can show or hide the Who’s Off section at the subordinate, branch, or company-wide level, as well as the ability to specify the time frame, within which the employees are off, to be displayed on the dashboard.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Who's Off

Time Off Requests

Your employees can easily log in to their accounts and request all types of vacations and leaves using ZenHR's user-friendly interface without the need for any paperwork. Managers can easily view time off requests and take action according to your specified approval cycle and/or committees.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Time Off Requests

HR Letters

This feature allows ZenHR's users to create HR letter templates that are fully branded and electronically signed. This includes employment verification letters, NOC letters, and much more, using dynamic variables while documenting the history of all created letters.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | HR Letters

Company Document Center

Upload and share documents internally and set specific access permissions for each of them so that employees and managers can retrieve documents without having to contact the HR department. You can also customize notification reminders before each document’s expiry date.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Company Document Center

Air Ticketing

Employee travel is an essential aspect of many businesses, and therefore, it needs to be handled properly as your company grows. ZenHR’s air ticketing feature provides clear ticket entitlement definitions and roles so that employees can have an effective, accessible, and convenient gateway to manage complex staff travel policies and employee beneficiaries. This results in reducing the time needed to process staff travel requests and streamlines the whole operation.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Air Ticketing

Employee Directory

ZenHR's employee directory will help you search for any employee in your company and access their basic information in a single place.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Employee Directory

Email Notifications

ZenHR allows HR admins to set up notifications and reminders, assign recipients and specify when they’re received. Notifications can be anything from HR-related notifications such as document expiration, announcements, upcoming birthdays, reminders, or work anniversaries.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Email Notifications

Miscellaneous Requests

The miscellaneous requests feature allows you to create a list of request types that your employees can send that are not already part of the available standard requests. Your employees can also include attachments and notes that may be mandatory for a certain type of request.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Miscellaneous Requests

Approval Cycles and Committees

ZenHR allows you to set up your approval process for a particular business request, such as vacation and time-off requests, overtime requests, loan requests, financial requests, as well as miscellaneous requests. The approval cycle dictates the process of how requests will be approved or rejected by specifying the current approver and the final approver within the hierarchy.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Approval Cycles and Committees

Employee Self-Service Mobile Application

ZenHR's Employee Self-Service (ESS) mobile app offers your entire workforce immediate access to HR-related tasks and information while staying connected wherever they go. Your employees will have access to salary slips, time off approvals and requests, automated time and attendance tracking, and work schedules and shifts, all at their fingertips. ZenHR's Mobile App is available for download on Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

ZenHR's Modules - Employee Self-Service (ESS) | Employee Self-Service Mobile Application

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