ZenHR's payroll module includes automated salary calculations and deductions, salary history, and localizations for GOSI, WPS, social security, and tax in your country. You can also select the default currency and exchange rate used at your company or branch to be applied to your financial transactions and salary calculations.
ZenHR's payroll module allows you to seamlessly integrate with Mudad Business, Muqeem, and The General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI) in Saudi Arabia.

ZenHR's Modules - Payroll | Salaries

Social Insurance and Tax Localized Reports

ZenHR helps you meet your organization’s unique needs with its flexible payroll features. The payroll module includes GOSI, WPS, social security, and tax in your country with customizable reports. This way, you can calculate salaries using the official tax and social insurance forms of your country.

ZenHR's Modules - Payroll | Social Insurance and Tax Localized Reports

Overtime Requests

This self-service feature allows your employees to submit overtime requests to be approved by their managers so they can receive additional pay for the overtime worked. You also have the flexibility to compensate for overtime through “paid overtime” or by giving “extra time off”, as well as incorporating different slices for overtime calculation.

ZenHR's Modules - Payroll | Overtime Requests

Employees’ Financial Requests

Employees can submit financial requests such as travel per diem and any other expenses that they've incurred and paid. They can then be compensated by the company according to the approval cycle.

ZenHR's Modules - Payroll | Employees’ Financial Requests

Health Insurance

We believe that employer-covered health care benefits need to be more flexible and transparent to meet your employees’ health care needs. ZenHR's health insurance feature provides your employees with automated and instant access to health insurance information relevant to them and their families, while simultaneously calculating health insurance payroll deductions.

ZenHR's Modules - Payroll | Health Insurance

Timesheets and Project Management

Scheduling and budgeting go hand in hand during project planning. That’s why you need to stay on track regarding the hours spent on various projects, so you don’t go above your budget. ZenHR is all you need to plan and manage your projects smoothly while delivering a seamless and straightforward user experience for your employees. ZenHR allows you to track your employees’ time spent on sites, projects, tasks, or activities, along with the access to accurate and detailed timesheet reports.

ZenHR's Modules - Payroll | Timesheets and Project Management

Vacation In-Advance Salary

Many companies pay their employees’ salaries before going on their vacations, either within the same month or covering several months. ZenHR calculates the vacation in-advance salary considering all deduction transactions, such as the prorated allowances and GOSI. This feature comes with a notification system that lets you set reminders of your employees’ work resumption dates.

ZenHR's Modules - Payroll | Vacation In-Advance Salary

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