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Diversity in recruiting whitepaper blogimage

Improve your Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

Studies have proven time and time again that diversity in the workplace has a direct impact on the overall success and performance of any company. Diversity and inclusion help companies achieve a competitive advantage as well as unleash its employees’...

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ساعات عمل أقل تعني إنتاجية أكثر … ما صحة هذه النصيحة؟

العمل لساعات طويلة يمكن أن يكون خطرا على الصحة العقلية والبدنية. وقد تم ربط العمل لساعات طويلة بمجموعة من السلبيات بدءا من ضعف مهارات الاتصال وانخفاض الإنتاجية إلى قلة عدد ساعات النوم والاكتئاب. وعلى الرغم مما سبق، هناك العديد من الشركات التي تشجع موظفيها على العمل لساعات...

Top deal breakers whitepaper

Top Deal Breakers

Employee retention is very important to the growth and success of your company, and every time a good employee leaves, your company suffers. Did you know that the cost of replacing an employee can go up to the total yearly salary of the departing...

Interview biases and how to eliminate them

Interview Biases and How to Eliminate Them

Whether you work in HR or not, almost all managers become interviewers at some point in their careers. While we all like to believe that we’re good at being objective in selecting candidates during the interview, most of us actually form unconscious biases...

Retaining great employees

Retaining Great Employees

There are many obvious financial benefits that are associated with employee retention. In fact, retaining top employees is a key pillar of your HR department’s success. The good news is that most of the reasons why employees leave their jobs are within your...

Designing a buddy program

Designing a Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is a great tool that helps you enhance the onboarding process of your new hires. By matching a new employee with a ''buddy'', you will be able to accelerate the onboarding process of your new hires while equipping them with the tools needed...

Your simple guide to payroll

Your Simple Guide to Payroll

Payroll is an integral part of any business and it is an important HR / accounting function that needs to be handled with the utmost caution and confidentiality. While payroll processing is known to be very time consuming and hectic.

Go green with these top hr managment practices

Go Green with these Top HR Managment Practices

A rising number of forward thinking companies are starting to put efforts into promoting sustainability in their workplaces by adopting environmentally friendly practices that go in line with the rising pressure to be more environmentally sensitive.

Sample employee handbook

Sample Employee Handbook

Here is a template of a comprehensive “Employee Handbook” or "HR Manual". Please feel free to make any modifications and customizations to the Handbook in whatever way that suits the specific needs of your organization while ensuring compliance...

Wages protection system uae wps

Wages Protection System (WPS) in the UAE

Setting up a business in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or the wider UAE can be quite demanding. It is vital that you fulfill all legal requirements, especially when it comes to your company’s most valuable resource – your employees.

Your mini guide to ace a job interview

Your Mini Guide to Ace a Job Interview

The basics of a good interview are obvious. Research the company and the job, prepare your answers, give examples on previous work situations, and dress to leave a great first impression.

Your mini cv guide for online job applications

Your Mini CV Guide for Online Job Applications

Applying to jobs through online recruitment websites such as Akhtaboot or even by email can be a very competitive process as you are actually one of the hundreds - or even thousands - of candidates who are looking to land the same position.

Women at work

Women at Work

Despite the legal obligations that companies need to follow to ensure gender equality in the workplace, many organizations to this day are unaware that for many female employees the reality is different. Women have been used to getting the short end of the stick...

How to motivate millennials hr

How to Motivate Millennials

Millennials have been changing the workplace ever since they stepped into the scene nearly a decade ago. Now, millennials are growing older and are climbing up the corporate ladder.

Forget spreadsheets lets automate your hr

Forget Spreadsheets Let's Automate your HR

Why HR professionals should forget about using spreadsheets and resort to using an HRMS that will help manage the recruitment process for them.

Hr recruitment trends 2018

HR & Recruitment Trends for 2018

The success of your company’s HR department in 2018 depends on how you can employ the top trends to identify potential hires, engage employees and even evaluate performance.

How an hr management system like zenhr can impact your bottom line

How an HR Management System Like ZenHR Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Are you tired of managing your organization's workforce all by yourself? An HRMS like ZenHR can definitely simplify this process by providing you with a holistic HR software that can automate and manage the Human Resources process for you from A to Z.