Why Partner with ZenHR?

We believe in long-term partnerships that benefit both parties. Partnering with a reputable HR software solutions provider such as ZenHR opens up new business opportunities and revenue streams. Here are some of the reasons why you should partner with us:

Generate extra revenue streams

Generate extra revenue streams.

ZenHR - A top-notch cloud-based HR software

Add a top-notch cloud-based HR software to your offering to make your value proposition even more valuable.

Around the clock technical support

Work with a dedicated team of sales, tech, and marketing to support your efforts.

Strengthening your relationships with your clients

Strengthen your relationship with your existing customer base.

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ZenHR - What Makes a Good Channel Partner? ZenHR - What Makes a Good Channel Partner?

What Makes a Good Channel Partner?

  • Ideally, the Channel Partner needs to have an already established and solid HR customer base.
  • Previous experience in promoting and distributing cloud-based SaaS products.
  • Customer service-oriented, coupled with the ability to provide the necessary support to customers when needed.
  • The ability to create engaging marketing content.

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Boost the efficiency of your HR department and focus on what really matters - your people

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ZenHR is an award-winning HR software solution and has been recognized by several world-class online portals in its category. This is based on quantitative and qualitative factors, including but not limited to ratings and reviews from end-users, integrations, mobile app, and functionality.

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