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Blessed Tree

Upon implementating ZenHR, the system added a lot of value to our HR and helped save a lot of our time. The feature we like the most is the reporting section.


As a startup, we prefer to focus on our core business and free up our time from mundane HR tasks. With ZenHR, everything is more streamlined now and managing social security and government compliance has become much easier.


Choosing one favorite feature on ZenHR is kind of hard, but I can say that the on-boarding checklist is really useful as we can tailor the on-boarding process according to the position at hand.

Tamatem Games

One of the problems that we used to face prior to using ZenHR HRMS is calculating vacation balances for all employees and linking it to their daily attendance. ZenHR now calculates it for each employee and each employee has been assigned a direct manager to approve his/her leaves.

Stepping Stones Center

Prior to ZenHR all HR operations were paper-based, and all relevant section heads were required to submit written approvals. Thanks to ZenHR, obtaining approvals for vacations and leaves and especially emergency leave requests is so much faster now.


We have many employees working at our company, and one of my favorite features on ZenHR is the birthdays reminder.

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