Applicant Tracking System (ZenATS)

ZenATS provides the perfect platform to manage and track your hiring process to help you stay organized, even when you have thousands of applications coming in from various sources. Our ATS aims to facilitate the process of finding and attracting the most suitable candidates by keeping your hiring cycle as innovative and efficient as possible.

A Bilingual Candidate Experience

Showcase your career page, application forms, and candidate emails in both Arabic and English languages. ZenATS’s bilingual and user-friendly interface will allow you to attract more relevant applicants, offer a better candidate experience, and receive real-time updates on the progress of your vacancies.

A Customizable Hiring & Recruitment Process

ZenATS allows you to customize the hiring and recruitment stages for your job openings from start to finish. You can create your own unique filters throughout your hiring pipeline for a more streamlined shortlisting, interviewing, and hiring process.

Feedback & Interview Evaluation Forms

Customize feedback and interview evaluation forms with any set of dropdowns, text boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, and a customized scoring logic.

Social Media Parsing

When uploading CVs, ZenATS will automatically locate your candidates’ social media accounts and reflect them on their profiles. Social media parsing allows you to identify your candidate's online persona to ensure they are the right fit for your company culture.

Google Maps and SMS Integration

With ZenATS’s Google Maps integration, your candidates will never get lost on their way to the interview; they’ll be able to find your office’s exact location and navigate their way there with their smartphones. ZenATS also comes complete with SMS integration, which allows you to engage and send reminders to your candidates using SMS to help avoid interview no-shows.

Email System & Templates

Send and receive emails to candidates seamlessly from ZenATS, and view the delivery status for the sent emails. ZenATS provides customizable email templates to help you speed up recruitment communications.

Invite Hiring Managers & Recruitment Agencies

Grant department managers, hiring managers, and recruitment agencies access to your vacancies with varying permissions. This will allow you to collaborate seamlessly and receive input on candidates, all while logging and tracking each action taken on your vacancies.

Recruitment Reports & Analytics

Access a full reporting system and view all analytics related to your candidates, users, and recruitment processes, such as time-to-hire and fill rates. ZenATS also allows you to generate reports using a wide range of features and data visualization tools, request customized reports, and export data to share with your team.

Public Vacancies and Social Media Sharing

You can post your vacancies to the public through an external job board for applicants to apply to directly. Additionally, you will have the option to share your open vacancies on multiple Social Media channels.

Referral System

Great employees usually refer great candidates. Set up an effective referral system with ZenATS and engage your employees more in the recruitment process. Your next great hire may already be in your network, and ZenATS will help you get to them.


ZenATS’s notification system notifies users whenever they are mentioned in a discussion/thread. Users will also receive notifications on any actions registered on vacancies they are involved in so they can follow up, take action, or just remain in the loop.

User Permissions

Each user on ZenATS will have his/her unique account with the desired permissions and credentials that can be accessed through a protected username and password. While an ATS is a good place to start hiring, you can take your candidate experience to a whole other level with ZenATS’s permissions to seamlessly send candidates to be on-boarded on ZenHR. You can also grant your users permission to approve or reject vacancy requests coming from ZenHR.

Candidate Timeline

Keep your own team up to date with ZenATS’s candidate timeline. View your candidate's application history as well as all the actions taken by him/her, recruiters, and hiring managers throughout the entire hiring journey.

Document Center

Collect all candidates’ documents and attachments in one place for ease of access, and to avoid misplacing any document.

Video Interviews

ZenATS's Video Interviews feature makes the remote interviewing experience seamless and easy for recruiters, hiring teams, and candidates. It also allows you to have panel interviews when multiple parties are involved, along with the ability to share your screens to work together instantly from within the ATS.

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