Attendance and Time-Tracking

ZenHR's attendance and time-tracking module adds the functionality you need to automate and manage attendance tracking. You can now get precise, real-time attendance reports in less time and with more accuracy, highlighting attendance shortages and overtime.

ZenHR's Modules - Attendance and Time-Tracking | Employee Shifts

Geolocation Time Tracking

ZenHR allows you to enable Geolocation attendance tracking by adding multiple work locations. Geolocation allows you to track your employees' check-in and check-out times at work as well as all kinds of breaks - using both the mobile app and web-based platform. You can also enable Geo-restrictions to ensure that your employees can only check-in/out from certain locations.

ZenHR's Modules - Attendance and Time-Tracking | Geolocation Time Tracking

Roster Shift Planning

When it comes to Roster Shift planning and scheduling for companies in industries such as Retail, Services, Hospitality, and Business Process Outsourcing, ZenHR's shift management module can handle a wide variation of scheduling needs. ZenHR is all you need to help your business manage shifts smoothly while delivering a seamless and simple user experience for your employees. ZenHR’s shift scheduling tool allows managers to share schedules with all of their shift-based employees directly and efficiently.

ZenHR's Modules - Attendance and Time-Tracking | Roster Shift Planning

Integration with Attendance Machines

ZenHR grants integration with several attendance methods such as biometric attendance machines that include fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition devices, and employee time card machines, provided a few prerequisites are met. This integration allows you to gather employee attendance data in real-time onto ZenHR’s platform, eliminating paper-based time-tracking for more accurate payroll calculations.

ZenHR's Modules - Attendance and Time-Tracking | Integration with Attendance Machines

Disciplinary Actions

Create a list of your company's internal policies, outline the sequence of disciplinary actions appropriate for each violation, and link them with the relevant HR models. Corrective measures may be in the form of informal discussions, verbal warnings, written warnings, salary or leave deductions, suspension, or even termination.

ZenHR's Modules - Attendance and Time-Tracking | Disciplinary Actions

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