Employee Self-Service (ESS)

With ZenHR's employee self-service module (ESS), your employees will have the flexibility to perform a number of tasks and actions that usually consume a lot of the HR department's time and bandwidth.

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Employee Dashboard and Company-Wide Calendar

ZenHR's employee dashboard allows employees to view their own information in an attractive, user-friendly interface with real-time updates. You can also use ZenHR's company-wide calendar to plan and mark upcoming events such as public holidays, company-wide meetings and events, or any other important dates.

Time-Off Requests

Your employees can easily login to their accounts and request all kinds of vacations and leaves using ZenHR's user-friendly interface without the need for any paperwork. Managers can easily view time off requests and take action accordingly.

HR Letters

This feature allows ZenHR's users to create HR letter templates such as employment verification letters, dismissal letters and much more using dynamic variables in order to generate employee-related letters in an easy way, while documenting the history of all created letters.

Company Document Center

Upload and share documents internally and set specific access permissions for each one of them so that employees and managers can retrieve them without the need to contact the HR department. You can also customize notification reminders before each document’s expiry date.

Air Ticketing

Staff travel is a very important aspect of your business and it needs to be handled properly as your company grows. ZenHR’s air-ticketing feature provides clear tickets entitlement definitions and roles so that employees can have an effective, accessible, convenient gateway that can manage complex staff travel policies as well as employee beneficiaries, which will result in reducing the time needed to process staff travel requests.

Employee Directory

ZenHR's employee directory will help you search for any employee in your company as well as access their basic information in one place.

Employee Self-Service (ESS) Mobile Application

ZenHR’s Mobile App on both Apple App Store or Google Play Store offers an Employee Self-Service (ESS) solution giving your entire workforce immediate access to HR-related tasks and information that your employees need for accurate and efficient operations. Through ZenHR’s ESS mobile application, your employees and managers can now perform multiple actions and submit requests on-the-go. Read More