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ZenHR White Papers feature a comprehensive list of trending topics, such as HR automation, recruitment and selection, and HR management.

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These white papers have been authored by the ZenHR Team using top sources and researches in the HR and Recruitment fields. This page will be updated regularly with new and fresh white papers and reports, allowing you to get in depth knowledge about the HR industry so you can make better and more informed decisions.


Are you tired of managing your organization's workforce all by yourself? An HRMS like ZenHR can definitely simplify this process by providing you with a holistic HR software that can automate and manage the Human Resources process for you from A to Z.


The success of your company’s HR department in 2018 depends on how you can employ the top trends to identify potential hires, engage employees and even evaluate performance.


Why HR professionals should forget about using spreadsheets and resort to using an HRMS that will help manage the recruitment process for them.


Millennials have been changing the workplace ever since they stepped into the scene nearly a decade ago. Now, millennials are growing older and are climbing up the corporate ladder.