On-Boarding and Off-Boarding

ZenHR's cloud-based on-boarding module helps you welcome your new hires with a comprehensive on-boarding pack that allows them to get familiar with the team and the company culture from day one. ZenHR also helps turn the off-boarding process into an easier than ever experience by allowing you to manage asset returns and all other employment termination related matters and requests.

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Easy User Setup

Admins and employees will be able to access their accounts using a unique email and password. You can also select the company branch(s) the user can get access to, assign a role for each user and choose whether to show or hide financial data, such as salaries and employees' financial records. Moreover, you can designate more than one role to the same user in different branches.

Employee Assets Management

This feature allows you to monitor the company's assets that were handed over to each of your employees. This allows you to keep a clean record of the assets that must be returned once the employee leaves the company. You can also generate customized reports highlighting the assets that each of your employees possess.

HR Tasks Management

HR admins can assign tasks to employees and monitor the progress of those tasks. In addition, you have the option to view pending tasks and other important notifications on your HR dashboard.