Our Features

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Easy Company Setup & Benefits Administration

With our user-friendly settings page, you can easily fill out standard information relevant to your company and branches such as the probation period, working days, and days off.


Easy User Setup

Users and employees will be able to access their accounts using their emails and passwords. In order to select the branch the user can get access to, you must select his/ her role to show or hide financial data, such as salaries and employees' financial records. Moreover, you can designate more than one role to the same user in different branches.


Modular Dashboard

ZenHR's dashboard has built-in interactive widgets, allowing employees to view their own information in an attractive, user-friendly interface with real-time updates.


On-Boarding and Off-Boarding

Welcome your new hires with the onboarding pack that allows them to get familiar with the team and the company culture. Also, make your off-boarding process easier than ever by managing asset returns and all other employment related items.


Vacations and Leaves Management

Your employees can easily request all kinds of vacations and leaves using ZenHR's user-friendly interface without the need for any paperwork.



ZenHR's time-keeping solution adds the functionality that you need to automate this mundane task. You can now get precise, real-time attendance reports in less time and with more accuracy.


Employee Directory

ZenHR's employee directory will help you search for any employee in your company as well as access their basic information in one place.


Company Wide Calendar Announcements

You can use ZenHR's calendar dashboard to plan and mark upcoming events such as public holidays, company-wide meetings and events, or any other important dates.


Overtime Batch

If an employee has more than one overtime transaction for a specific type of overtime, you will no longer have to enter them individually. You can simply input them as a batch on ZenHR.


Managing Personal Dashboards

This feature allows your employees to access their personal dashboard and information. You can easily fill out or edit your employees' personal, professional, and salary package data through this dashboard.



ZenHR's payroll feature includes automated salary calculations and deductions, salary history, and localizations for both taxes and social security per country.


Currency Setup

You can select the default currency used at your company's branch to use in your financial transactions and salary calculations. In addition, this feature allows you to manage the exchange rate.


HR Tasks Management

HR admins can assign tasks to employees, monitor the progress of the tasks and sync data. In addition, you have the option to view pending tasks and other important notifications on the dashboard.


Employee Assets Management

This feature allows you to keep an eye on the company's assets that were handed over to each of your employees. This allows you to keep a clean record of the assets that must be returned once the employee leaves the company.


Social Security and Tax Localized Reports

With this feature, you can calculate salaries using the official tax and social security forms on ZenHR.


Organization Structure

You can now browse through the organizational structure as well as identify the roles of each person in your organization.


Company Document Center

Upload and share documents internally and set specific access permissions for each one of them.


Customized Reporting

Generate customized reports about each of your employees, including vacation balances, payroll and financial reports, and much more.


Employee Self-Service

With ZenHR's employee self-service module, your employees will have the flexibility to take care of HR-related tasks that usually consume a lot of the HR department's time.